Glass Jewelry 4 Me  

Jewelry made from Dichroic Glass


Our jewelry (earrings and pendants) are hand made by fusing layers of dichroic glass in a kiln firing to 1500 degrees. Then the fused dichroic glass is cut into pieces to make earrings and pendants. Once cut into earrings or pendants, they are fired in a kiln again to around 1100 to polish the edges from the cutting. The findings are attached to the dichroic glass earrings and pendants by the strongest glue used in the industry, therefore making the jewelry both durable and long lasting. We are currently an online store open 7/24 and for special events located in San Diego County.

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Look for our Jewelry at the Rancho San Diego Farmer's Market at Cuyamaca College!

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 Lepoard Pendant  Tiger Pendant CrinklizedRed   Crinklized Pend
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